Our Heritage

The Gayo Azul brand can trace its roots back to the Caribbean in the 1950’s and earlier. Dutch cheeses were very popular among Caribbean natives as they were aged and could be stored without refrigeration. In the 1960’s Gayo Azul began making its way to the US. The brand started off small, only being featured in local family markets. However, Gayo Azul grew quickly and is now featured across the south east region of the US and moving its way toward other areas in the US.

Our Purpose

Gayo Azul Cheeses are rich in heritage and tradition. Known for authenticity, flavor and premium quality, it’s no wonder why Gayo Azul cheeses have been a staple in homes for over half a century. Gayo Azul features a variety of products, from the mild and creamy red wax Gouda, to the unique and versatile queso blanco. Gayo Azul offers cheese for your table, your sandwich or your baked dish, it is sure to please any pallet.